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When it comes to hair color services, sometimes it can seem like your stylist is talking a whole new language. Ombre...balayage...toner...base buster? What does it even mean?
Well have no fear, we've defined all the terms to give you the inside scoop...

Summer Ready Your Hair Routine!

Summer is wonderful. It's the time for soaking up rays, boating trips galore and poolside weekends. By this time, you've most likely changed up your skin routine for the warm months, but have you updated your hair regimen as well? Here's a few tips to help protect your hair's color and vibrancy...not to mention, restore moisture and minimize frizz to extend your blowout for those hot, humid Southern nights.

Why We're Happy It's June!

What's New, What's Happening and What You Need to Know!

6 Tips To Keep Your Blonde Hair Beautiful!

Of the 65% of women who have blonde hair, only about 10% are actually born that way. Which means that the other 55% need to be doing some damage control to keep their lightened strands healthy, strong and shiny! Other than seeing a professional for any and all highlights (the most important rule!), the following are 6 essential tips to protect your platinum investment...

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